La Tierra arde. Olas de calor extremo.

At last it seems that autumn is coming to Mallorca and we are getting some distance (and air) from the unbearable summer heat.

“La Tierra Arde” is a piece I made in the month of July, when in Mallorca we were crushed by a scorching sun and heat, you couldn’t go out in the street, you couldn’t breathe. Every summer is worse than the last.

Globally speaking, this 2022 India, for example, has recorded temperatures close to 50°C, testing the limits of human survival #EmergenciaClima

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Fundación Vicente Ferrer

From the 17th of September until the 4th of December 2022, you can see my work “La Tierra arde” in the Casal de Cultura Can Gelabert, as a result of having been selected for the exhibition of the 43rd Certamen de Artes Plásticas y Visuales Villa de Binissalem 2022, organised by the Town Hall of Binissalem 2022.