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Who is Sara Jorslov?

Sara Fernández Jorslov (Palma de Mallorca, 1978) is graduated in Interior Design and Photography, and trained in oil, acrylic and watercolor painting disciplines. She is currently a plastic artist who has been selected in many national art competitions and has been part of group exhibitions and some solo shows, as well.

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Artistic Portfolio

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She is a plastic artist who is aware of and very concerned about the consequences of climate change and global warming, that´s why she deals with this theme on a conceptual level in most of her works.

In love with Nature

In love with nature and the peace that both living and recreating it transmits to her, she values this land as the pillar of our lifes and believes it´s necessary and essential that we care for it. As a result, she creates abstract aerial landscapes that represent the impact of the climate crisis on our natural environment. Fractured and melting polar areas. Cracks in dry and arid lands. Desertification of the territory.

Make the viewer aware

On the other hand, and from her paradisiacal geographical location, she also represents the beauty of our coasts and oceans with a wide chromatic range of blues, greens and turquoises, calling for an individual and collective effort to try to take care of and preserve them for future generations. This is her small contribution on an artistic level to try to make the viewer aware of this great problem that is very topical, which has a serious impact on our planet and which affects us all worldwide.

Because there is simply


In aesthetic-visual terms, blues, whites and earth colors are the highlights in her palette. She gets tired of always using the same technique, so she fluctuates in that sense. She combines different materials such as acrylic, inks, gesso, sand, and other recycled materials, to create interesting effects and give volume and texture to her works.

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