Environmental awareness in the Castle of Monteagudo de las Vicarías, Soria / April 6-30

Art as a Bridge between the Past and the Future

Amid the picturesque landscapes and rich history of Spain, Monteagudo de las Vicarías emerges in a region that fights against depopulation and seeks to revitalize its communities. In this unique context, the imposing Castle of Monteagudo de las Vicarías stands as a historical and cultural fortress, a silent witness to the challenges and hopes of the region.

Built on a rocky promontory that dominates the horizon, Monteagudo de las Vicarías Castle tells stories of times past and present challenges. From its ancient walls to its watchtowers, this historical monument invites us to reflect on the resilience of rural communities and their struggle to keep their identity and heritage alive.

In this setting full of history and meaning, our collective art exhibition on climate change takes on new meaning. More than a simple example of creativity, it is a bridge between the past and the future, between the history of Monteagudo de las Vicarías Castle and the urgency of climate change that we face today.

As you immerse yourself in the works of art in the rooms of the Castle, you will also explore the relationship between art, nature and community. From vast plains to ancient forests, each work of art invites you to reflect on our role as stewards of the environment and consider how we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Very grateful to Miguel Tugores and Judith Cuba for inviting me to participate in this proposal, as well as to Fundación DeArte for its awareness-raising work with which it has organized and organizes school educational visits, among others.

On this occasion I will be exhibiting some of the works from my Earth Series

Also delighted to share space with artists such as: IGLESSIAS, NISA GOIBURU, MARGA CORSIN, LEONOR BERLANGA y ANGEL

April 22 is International Earth Day. This exhibition is a reflection to remember that the Earth is our home that we must take care of and conserve its natural resources for the survival of Humanity. “Thinking about our planet, Let’s imagine the future”, brings together 6 national artists, selected for their artistic career and their commitment to society and their habitat. It is his aesthetic response of hope with the sole objective of connecting people with nature and raising awareness about vital issues such as: pollution, global warming, the loss of biodiversity and climate change.

Text: Fundación DeArte

FROM APRIL 6 TO 30, 2024